Thinking of bulking up a little and getting that ‘Iron Man’ steely look? Then you have come to the right place.

When you tell someone that you intend to use steroids the reaction is almost like you’ve confessed to committing murder. Much has been said about steroids over the past few decades. In fact, such is the nature of the stringent rules that even the decorated Olympic cyclist Lance Armstrong was stripped of ALL 7 of his Tour de France titles for using performance-enhancing drugs. So it is fair to assume that you may be skeptical about trying out the Trenbolone steroid, after all, that’s why you googled it and stumbled upon this article.

The fast acting nature of this hormone relief

A Little History

TrenboloneWhen Hoechst-Roussel engineered the pioneer trenbolone acetate compound, it uses was largely restricted to cattle rearing. The pellets had an amazing ability to effectively increase the lean muscle tissue of cattle just before slaughter. Eventually, intravenous trials were carried out which saw it gain in popularity as an alternative anabolic steroid to the testosterone based ones.

The Main Constituent Elements

Besides the main integer -the trenbolone- there is a variable quantity of acetate (acetic acid). What is most interesting about this ester is that it triggers the release of the hormone into the bloodstream at the right time. The swiftness of this hormone relies heavily on this ester. The trenbolone acetate has a few other interesting capabilities that account for its popularity in body building circles.

Protein Synthesis and Nitrogen Retention

Protein synthesis is the process by which the body builds protein. It is the building blocks of protein -amino acids- that then bring about the growth of lean muscle. Another little-stated fact is that the acetate also increases nitrogen retention. This is key for the simple reason that the more nitrogen in your body, the more energy that is released to fuel the process of protein synthesis. This might all be ‘nerd-speak,’ but trust me, these are special attributes.

Work Out For Longer

Ever heard of muscular endurance? Well, body muscle needs -among other things- lots of oxygen to sustain muscular activity. What better way to work out for much longer than to stack on an acetate that boosts your red blood cell count. By the way, red blood cells carry oxygenated blood to different parts of the body, including your muscles.

We can talk until the sun goes down for there is no way to know if trenbolone is as effective as claimed. Try it out and see for yourself.