The most popular steroid in the market is Winstrol. This steroid greatly enhances protein synthesis. It also boosts the rate of nitrogen retention. Winstrol is available in injectable and oral form. The injection is more potent than the tablet.

Winstrol will increase strength leading to athletic power. It is popular with athletes, professional bodybuilders and those who want to look great. Contrary to most myths, many steroid users use them for cosmetic purposes rather than performance enhancing purposes.

The most important thing when it comes to Winstrol usage is Winstrol cycles. A steroid cycle refers to the time when you start using a steroid to the time when you stop using it. You should not use steroids continually. You need to give your body a rest. There must be a time in the year when your body is free from steroids.

1. Length of Winstrol Cycles

WinstrolThis is a crucial issue. Winstrol cycles must not be too long neither should they be too short. When a longer period is involved, you risk accumulating many side effects. On the other hand, when the time is too short, you will not get all the desired benefits. It is advisable that the cycle should not exceed four weeks.

2. Purpose of the Cycle

Winstrol cycles accomplish many things. A professional athlete can use it to improve athletic performance. On the other hand, a bodybuilder can use it to prepare for a bodybuilding contest. Someone who is neither a bodybuilder nor an athlete will cycle with the goal of achieving a better appearance.

The main goals of steroid cycles include building muscular endurance, strength, losing fat and improving athletic performance. You should use steroids with a prescription.

3. Staying Safe During The Cycle

To stay safe, make sure to follow dosage instructions to the letter. Also, you should go for regular medical checkups. The doctor will examine the state of liver, heart, and kidneys. Improper use of steroids is likely to affect these three organs. Most importantly, engage in post cycle therapy (PCT) after your complete a cycle. This will help to prevent estrogenic side effects that include the growth of man boobs.

The Bottom-Line

The period when you are taking steroids is on cycle. Off cycle is the time when you are not taking any steroids. On cycle can last for up to 12 weeks. However, a shorter period is better. During on cycle, you should eat healthily and exercise on a regular basis.