Anadrol promotes strength gain, increase in red blood count, increase in endurance and unique visual conditioning effects among other desired results. Anadrol does not have any element of DHT. Thus, it cannot convert to estrogen or progestin. It is unlikely to experience estrogenic side effects when on Anadrol cycles.

With Anadrol, you get quick gains. For the first two weeks of the cycle, you can gain up to a pound of water free mass, everyday.

The Start and End of the Cycle

AnadrolThe cycle commences when you start using Anadrol to the time when you stop. The end of the cycle should mark the beginning of post cycle therapy (PCT) which should last for a number of weeks. PCT will help to normalize your natural hormone levels preventing a host of side effects. When using steroids, natural production of testosterone and other hormones will drop. Hormone production will start normalizing when you stop using steroids. However, PCT will help to speed up the whole affair.

Restrict Anadrol Cycles to Three- Six Weeks

The gains from Anadrol are dramatic during the first 3 weeks and then they level off from the third to the sixth week. You can safely use Anadrol for up to six weeks.

What You Should Do When Cycling

There are some basics of Anadrol cycles. One of them is facilitating proper body hydration. You need to consume at least one liter of water in a day. Water plays an important role in the body. It helps to facilitate the absorption of Anadrol to the blood stream.

You also need a well balanced diet. Without proper dieting, you will not achieve effective results from the use of steroids. You need plenty of proteins, fruits and vegetables. You also require starch since you need energy for exercising.

You must not use steroids when on particular medications. You should check with your doctor if it is okay to use Anadrol with a certain medication. Your doctor will assess the state of your liver and kidneys and subsequently provide you with feedback.

Dose for Anadrol Cycle

You can start with 50mg a day and slowly increase your dose.  The most effective daily dosage is 100mg. At this dosage, you will make some good gains. Doubling the dosage of Anadrol from 50mg to 100mg will double your gains.

The Bottom-Line

Anadrol produces a “dose respondent curve.” This simply means that the more Anadrol you use, the more you gain. If you are heavier, you might need a higher dosage. Some medical literatures recommend a dosage of 1-5mgs per kg of bodyweight. However, this is a high dose. To be on the safe side, try not to exceed more than 100mgs a day.